What Eyeshadow/Eyeliner Do You wear the Most?

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I like you so hard, Chanel 88 Noir Intense!
I was speaking on the phone yesterday to a buddy who occurs to be a Chanel-o-phile like I am, as well as we both went full-on crazy when got on the topic of Chanel Stylo Yeux water resistant eyeliner in 88 Noir Intense.

OK, it’s just a black twist-up liner — seemingly boring, right? — however babe, IT IS SERIOUSLY the very best BLACK eyeliner EVER.


I wear it almost daily as well as have for months, ever since I figured out that, basically, it’s the sh*t.

I have ventured out, though. I’ve tried different liners over that time because, you know, it’s just black liner, as well as there are so many black liners out there, however I keep coming back to Noir Intense.

I come to it since it 1) since it stays on my water line, as well as 2) since it glides like a silky gel liner however doesn’t dry out my water lines like one.


বিড়াল এবং মেকআপ sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

এখনই কিনুন

Like a gel liner, it feels super soft as well as smooth, but, unlike a gel liner, it doesn’t grip my water line with such preternatural force that it dries them out a little.

I understand that seems odd, however I can’t always wear gel liner. Noir intense is more like a traditional eyeliner pencil, however it glides along like a gel.

It likewise lasts all the time long. It doesn’t do that weird thing that some black eyeliners do where they begin out just fine on your water line however begin to break apart as well as vanish within an hour.

চ্যানেল স্টাইলো YIUX জল প্রতিরোধী Eyeliner 88 Noir তীব্র
Oh, as well as it likewise doesn’t smudge, either. You understand exactly how some black liners are already smudging on your upper as well as lower lash lines two seconds after you apply them, as well as before you can say, “Dammit!” they’re already transferring up into your crease?

Noir intense doesn’t do that.

The Stylo Yeux formula, by the way, is waterproof, however I wouldn’t swim the English channel using one as well as expect to crawl out of the surf with perfect liner on the other side. I have, however, wept many a tear with my 88 Noir Intense, as well as it still looks great.

It’s simple to eliminate as well. I don’t requirement a special hardcore water resistant eye makeup remover. makeup eliminating oil works just fine (I like DHC Deep Cleansing Oil).

As for that other 88…

1988! I was in seventh grade. That was the year of the terrible triangle haircut.

I saw a photo of Belinda Carlisle somewhere with this truly adorable bob, as well as I got it into my head that my thick, wavy hair would look precisely like Belinda Carlisle’s effortless bob…

The year of the triangle hair…
So my mom, who’s never been as well huge into hair as well as makeup, took me to the hairdresser as well as basically said, “Do whatever you want.” She told me, “Tell her what you want,” as well as then told the hairdresser, “She wants a haircut.”

I keep in mind the hairdresser particularly saying, “Are you sure you want to cut all of this lovely wavy hair?”

“Cut it off,” I said. “I wanna look like Belinda Carlisle.”


Instead, I had poofy triangle head for most of seventh grade…

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