Untrieds: BITE beauty rich Fruit Lip Gloss

Aug 9, 2022 category

Funny, when I started this series on Untrieds, I believed it would mainly be nail polishes however it appears like I’ve got a great deal of other things I requirement to try out too!

I bought this BITE beauty rich Lip Trio during Black Friday, for $12.  Ever since Black Friday started being a bigger event right here in Canada, I’ve participated in risky buying behaviour on Black Friday mornings.  (Side note, in Canada, our Thanksgiving occurs much earlier than in the US, for example, in 2014 it was on October 13th.  So Black Friday occurs on a random Friday in late November – to us it has no associations with turkey, as well as we don’t have the day off – it’s just a produced day for shopping).

Back to this BITE beauty rich Fruit Lip Gloss – BITE beauty is a Canadian brand solely focused on creating high high quality food-grade lip products without the utilize of parabens, sulfates or phthalates.  The full size lip gloss is $25 each, offered solely at Sephora. This set contains 3 shades: Strawberry, Currant as well as Rambutan –  1.7ml each (versus the full sized of 3.27g)  The clean lines of the tubes with its matte rubberized cap look very sleek.

Here are the shade descriptions from Sephora:
Strawberry – sheer carnation pink
Currant – sheer plum
Rambutan – peachy nude

L to R: Strawberry, Currant, Rambutan | doe-foot applicator is somewhat tapered for a more managed application.
They’re all extremely wearable shades, without any type of shimmer, which I prefer.  The consistency is a thick cream with a slight tackiness.  It has a medium amount of pigmentation – not translucent however not opaque like a liquid lipstick either. The shades in this set don’t all have the exact same level of opacity – Strawberry is the most opaque while Currant is the most sheer.  It is rather moisturizing as well as longwearing for a lip gloss. It’s not super shiny like a mirrored surface however provides a nice glaze to the lips.  Here’s an illustrated representation of what the lip glosses look like on my lips:

L to R: my natural lip colour manage, Strawberry, Currant, RambutanMy favourite colour out of the trio is the sheerest one: Currant, as it is a MLBB (My Lips however Better) shade however provides a hint more depth to my lips.  I likewise like Rambutan to nude out my lips somewhat – it applies smoothly as well as looks advanced against a darker eye look.

The one thing that I’m not a huge fan of, is the scent of this lip gloss – I’m quite sure it’s just the natural fruit oils mixed together however the product smells like a stale fruit salad. The product components are noted on the internet as including a fruit cocktail of oils: strawberry, blackcurrant, raspberry, coconut, mango, apricot, as well as avocado oils that are supposed to assist fight free radicals that can cause aging of the lip line. It’s regrettable that the odor of this product truly overshadows its performance – but an unsavoury odor is detrimental to a lip product since the lips are situated right below the nose!  I used these for a week directly to test them out as well as I dreaded applying them because of the smell. It’s a offer breaker for me.

Ingredient listing (click to enlarge)
•  moisturizing
•  great pigmentation
•  longwearing
•  high high quality food-grade ingredients

•  smells like stale fruit
•  private full-sized gloss is expensive

স্ট্যাশ যোগ্যতা: 6/10

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